Improving Roads and Bridges

Mississippi’s roads and bridges are in critical need of improvement. They are a key factor for public safety and economic growth—now and in the future. Using revenue from the lottery will only be a drop in the bucket to address the major needs for our infrastructure. We can’t stick our head in the sand and hope these problems will go away. We’ve got to address this issue in a long-term, sustainable way that protects taxpayers, whether it be through a tax swap or some other mechanism that generates adequate funds so we can take care of our crumbling roads and bridges.


Better Preparing High School Students for the Workforce

In today’s world, the reality is, not every high school student is going to college. They still deserve the same opportunities to have a good-paying job and a career that allows them to support their family and live the American dream. That’s why we must better prepare high school students for the workforce before they graduate. That means bringing community colleges into high schools to help teach job skills they’ll be able to use to get a good job after graduation. Having a better trained workforce will not only help fill the available jobs today, but it will also help recruit additional industries to our state because we’ll have a better trained workforce.


Increasing Teacher Pay to Support, Attract and Retain High Quality Teachers

Teachers are working hard, and we need to support them even more with a pay raise that keeps good teachers here and attracts new teachers. Students, parents and teachers deserve more focus than they’re getting now. Currently, Mississippi has the lowest teacher salary in America, and clearly, our teachers need a pay raise so we can get their salary up to the Southeastern average as quickly as possible.


Solving the Health Care Crisis with a Conservative Solution

When nearly half of Mississippi’s rural hospitals are in high financial risk of closing, we have a health care crisis in our state. Ignoring the problem is not going to bring about a solution to ensuring access to quality, affordable health care, particularly in rural areas. I’m exploring ideas that bring about improvements in health care, that reforms Medicaid in a way that doesn’t put taxpayers or our state budget at risk, and maximizes Mississippi’s potential to bring about more accessible, quality health care. Our citizens deserve our best efforts on this pressing issue.


Protecting and Promoting our Conservative Values

Protecting and promoting our conservative, Mississippi values means standing up for the right to life—and we must always support the right to life of the unborn. Protecting our religious freedom and other Constitutional liberties must be a top priority, including supporting our 2nd Amendment gun rights. One of the best aspects of our state is that our people are caring and generous, and we pull together in times of need to help our neighbors. Churches, civic groups and organizations all across Mississippi strengthen our communities and improve our quality of life, and we must keep government from unnecessarily interfering in our daily lives.

Robert Foster Endorses Bill Waller!

Robert Foster Endorses Bill Waller!

Robert Foster Endorses Bill Waller!

Robert Foster Endorses Bill Waller!